Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapist

Past life regression (PLR) is the process of healing the soul by healing the past through hypnosis.

Memories from our many past lives carry an energetic charge and continue to affect us in our present life.

They can affect our relationships, behaviors, motivations, and even our physical bodies and health.

By reliving these memories, we can release the patterns that no longer serve us, freeing us to live more fully in the present.

A Past Life Regression Therapist helps in enabling healing through understanding the root causes of our current life issues like phobias, relationship dynamics, physical conditions, and our souls’ journey and purpose for reincarnation.


Benefits Of Past Life Regression Therapy

– Creates an understanding of oneself on a deeper spiritual level.

– It helps overcome phobias, nightmares, pain, and sometimes even physical conditions by releasing blocked energy from past life traumas.

– Help understand personal relationships from a wider perspective

– Experience the transitional states of death and beyond, thereby overcoming the fear of death.

– Sets the stage for the forgiveness of oneself and others to facilitate healing.

You can choose to take a PLR session to see who you were in their past life. It can also be a path for personal growth and healing.

Even if some of you might not be able to see the past life during a regression, an experience of a profound sense of peace during the session is a guarantee.

Duration: 2 hours

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