“Aashima is an excellent therapist. She gives me space to share all my deepest secrets and my dark side which i cant share with anyone else. She has helped me grow as an individual by healing my childhood wounds.She is the one i can count on.”

Akanksha Mathur

“Her counter giving questions are a different take altogether. She took me into a side of me which I felt I never had it in me. What a perspective to a situation of which I felt that I was looking at it only from the option I knew and thought it was right.”

Tara Bhalla

“She is extremely good in her work. Being a teenager i never thought anyone could help me. But with Aashima, i never felt any generation gap. She is someone i can confide and she makes me feel supported with right tools.”

Vansh Tuteja

“Very sharp and a extremely good healer.”

Shweta Singh

“Very rational in her approach.Bang on in analysis.”

Nidhi Verma

“Amazing talent, god gifted healer.”

Tanya Chadda

“I met Aashima when nothing was working in my life. My marriage had fallen apart, my career was lost, even i was feeling i was loosing myself. After meeting her and with regular sessions and under her guidance, i have found myself in such a way that i never knew i had this in me. I feel joy, freedom and i am able to let go of my past. Today i have been able to recreate everything i lost in a better way. Thanks Aashima.”

Shalini Mukherjee

“Aashima made me feel instantly comfortable to share my most intimate secrets which had been very difficult for me to talk with anyone else ever. She heard me without any interruption and got to the core of my problem in healing me.”

Nikita Ahuja

“Aashima is the one behind our happy marriage today. Our marriage was falling apart after 8 years and we had lost hope. We feel grateful to have found Aashima who helped us rebuild our marriage.”

Aman and Priya

“Aashima has ability to understand the root problem quickly and clearly. I had been to many therapists before but i only felt that i have wasted my time and money. When i came to Aashima, i was full of doubts about her ability also due to my past experience with other therapists. But very soon, she was able to win my trust and all my doubts disappeared when i started seeing such a big difference in myself. I feel she has a god gift of being a natural healer which is combined with her passion to help people.”

Divya Parekh

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