How long is a session?
Normally a session is one hour long. If you need more time with us,you are welcome to book a back to back session with us.
How can I book a session?
You can email us on Info@aashimabhatia.in to book a session or whatsapp us on +91-8860225531
Can I cancel or reschedule my session?
Yes you can Cancel/ Reschedule your session anytime four hours before the session time.
How do I know if I need therapy?
If you feel overwhelmed, sleepless, anxious, fatigued, confused about relationships or life, low energy levels, unmotivated , you should seek therapy. Though the support of family and friends help a lot in your healing journey but many times family and friends make you feel that they don’t understand you. It is best to seek counselling from a professional which is a safe space to express where you are not judged.
How do I choose my therapist?
It is advised to take a first free consultation on the phone based on which if you feel comfortable you can book your first session. Though there are many qualified and experienced therapists out there,you need to find the right therapist for yourself. These are the signs which can help you choose the right therapist for yourself. Do you feel comfortable, safe, not judged, not pressurized, heard,understood by your therapist? If yes, then that’s the right fit for you.
Is my information safe with you?
Yes. No one apart from a qualified mental healthcare professional will know your case history. Not even your family (if you choose not to tell them), and especially not any authorities without your consent.We have 100 percent confidentiality.
Is therapy difficult?
It depends on the issue you are facing. One thing is for sure, that you will feel lighter and better after every session.
How many sessions does it take to heal completely?
It depends on the issue you are facing. Normally healing is slow and a long process but the cure is from root cause which is worth the patience. Once healed,it is forever.
Can I get someone with me for the session ?
Yes. Though the session is one on one but if you feel safer with someone accompanying you and you feel you can express yourself completely in front of your companion, you can get along with you.
Can we talk even when my session is over?
Yes. Your therapist is always available if you feel you are undergoing a crisis to support you and guide you. If your therapist is occupied in some other session, it will not be possible to respond during that time.
I live in another city. Can you still be my therapist?
Yes. We have video sessions available subject to uninterrupted WiFi connectivity
What is the mode of payment for booked sessions?
For personal sessions, cash is acceptable. For phone or online sessions, bank transfer, google pay or Paytm is acceptable.